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            Desktop dispenser performing dot circle

            责任编辑:中制自动化人气:发表时间:2021-06-16 17:52【字体:
                Desktop dispenser can achieve a lot of dispensing technology, which can be drawn on the same graphic basic, such as points, straight lines, arcs, circles, irregular curves, uninterrupted points and some side faces, also meet the demand of dispensing. Let's see today if you can achieve dot circles, and each circle has the same width, height and diameter.
              With large flow dispensing valve and silicone gel for performance, the glue viscosity is not high, belongs to the moderate type, and has good fluidity. According to the glue characteristics, choose to use large flow dispensing valve with cylinder to help the glue extraction. It is also very convenient and simple, mainly with backsuction effect. At the end of the glue, it can provide backsuction power to suck the glue back into the dispensing valve.Avoid brushing or clustering.Glue dispensing valves are not random, they are configured according to the characteristics of glue. There are twenty or thirty different sizes of dispensing valves.
              First, program a circle with the indicator of desktop dispenser to realize the circle test, and then pass through the glue to see if the glue graphics, especially the start and end points, can be accurately and continuously together. No big head or small tail can appear. Set the start glue time and the off glue time on the indicator, as well as the speed settings for moving the mechanical axis.To keep up with the gelling time, each parameter is set accurately, it is slower to debug before, need to be adjusted, after saving, the second use can be directly accessed, which is very simple!
              Make two rows of points, this is using the array method, set the first dot, set the array, set the distance between the two circles, directly copy the desired circle, the array can be up and down, simple and convenient, each graphic effect is consistent, but need to be used in the same product, different products, can not be used Oh!
              The test results are very satisfactory, customers can contact us!There are videos to see, there is no way to store videos on the website. Now only photos can be used to replace them temporarily, but there are other shapes to do. Because the program is made by ourselves, our company is familiar with the use of functions. You can also come to our company to sample and see the effect!
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